Rona Perlman
Rhythm & Blues
Carbon paper on a PVC film, color solvents
Collage Installation
W: 240, H: 120
A collage of carbon papers (copy papers) in black and blue colors covers a spiral shape, which floats in space. The carbon paper, once a regular office supply, is turned into the work’s material. Perlman uses it in its entirety or takes it apart into thin layers. Some of these layers are transparent, others have a velvety texture, and still others carry a graphic mark that introduces an image into the work. The artist glues the papers in an arbitrary manner, like the free brush strokes on a canvas. In certain places, she dissolves the ink on the paper, thus erasing the areas of the color or exposing the details on the other side of the paper. The solvent turns the ink back into its liquid state, and hence – to a color. The translucent substratum of the work makes it possible to observe the two sides of the abstract surface and discover the play of light, color, and texture.
Paper installation "Rhythm and Blues" On the cover of "Shamenet" Magazine, Haaretz Newspaper 
An Israeli fashion production at Eretz Israel Museum
May 24, 2017

Photography: Binyamin Adam
Styling and production: Gili Sivan Cohen
Art: Rona Perlman
Fashion design: Naama Turner 
Model: Noam Frost
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