Installation view
Untitled, 2016, carbon paper and paint solvents on wood, 103x240 cm (each)

Installation view

The Tel Aviv Crafts and Design Biennale, 2020, MuSa - Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv

Installation view
Paper Biennale, 2017, MuSa - Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv
Rhythm & Blues, 2017,Carbon paper on PVC

Installation view
Diaghilev Gallery, Tel-Aviv
Untitled, 2016, carbon paper and paint solvents on wood, Diptych, 240x103 cm each


Whales, 2019, carbon paper collage, 250x61 cm

Untitled, triptych, 2018, collage, carbon paper, paint solvents,  90 x 70 cm each

Circles, 2017, carbon paper, gold leaves on wood, diameter; 50 cm / 19.7 in (left), 60 cm / 23.6 in (left)  

Blue Mountain, 2016,  Collage 
Carbon paper, parchment paper on Plexiglass, color solvents, 110x80 cm

The Wild Fox Kōan, 2017-2020, mixed media on wood, 80x220 cm

Parenthood, 2018, carbon Paper, paint thinner, gold leaves, 123.5x71 cm cm

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