Wild Nursing, 2023, charcoal on paper, 116x150 cm

Naomi and Mom, 2022, charcoal and PanPastel on canvas, 100x160 cm

Shomer Hachomot (Wall Guardian), 2022, charcoal and PanPastel on canvas, 100x160 cm

3 Times Naomi, 2022, soft pastel on paper, 50x70 cm

Self portrait with a tiny hand, 2022, soft pastel on paper, 30x42 cm

Shmuel Perlman, 2022, charcoal on paper, 30x42 cm

Self Portrait,  Portrait of Shmuel Perlman (my great-grandfather)
PanPastel on paper, 2022

Installation View: "Close to Home", solo exhibition, 2022

Sandstone, 2022, oil and charcoal on canvas, 50x70 cm 

A Charcoal drawing following an Egyptian sculpture "Sandstone statue of a woman" of the Meroitic period (about 300 BC). The Egyptians believed that a person's essence or soul was composed of several elements. These became separated at death. The Ba was one of the elements of the spirit, which encompassed personality and emotions. It stayed close to the body of the deceased and was eventually reunited with other elements, to live eternally in the Afterlife. The Sandstone sculpture shows the Ba in a female human form, wearing a long dress, with wings instead of arms. To me, she represents the mother figure who spreads her wings and protects her offspring. Stable and, nevertheless, is made of sand and may crumble

Naomi -  a quick sketch 
2022, soft pastel on paper 

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