The Journeys of the Monk, Starling and the Wild Boar, Video Installation, 2020
MuSa - Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv
The Tel Aviv Crafts and Design Biennale, 2020

Rhythm & Blues, 2017,Carbon paper on PVC
Paper Biennale, 2017
MuSa - Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

An interactive installation, inviting viewers to take part in the creative process, allowing to work to continuously change  throughout the show
September 2016, "Zaher Lulu", Gate 3 Gallery, Haifa
Curated by Poly Bloom

The Big Glass 
Duo Exhibition - Rona Perlman and Mark Yashaev
A showcase window in south Tel-Aviv inviting the street passers to glance inside and discover two worlds created by the local artists.
April 2017, HaHanut Gallery, Tel-Aviv
Curated by Tali Kayam
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